Good stuff for March

The pandemic still got you stuck at home? Don’t worry, we’ve found some stuff online that´ll keep you busy for a while. Maybe even the rest of the week if you dive into this podcast I highly recommend. As the title suggests, 5 Plain Questions is a podcast that poses five questions to Native American artists about their artwork and practice. The pod was initiated by Joe Williams, director of Native American programs at Plains Art Museum as a complement and maybe even substitute for art enthusiasts unable to see artworks during the pandemic.  

Already 30 episodes in, 5 plain questions is quickly turning into a verbal archive documenting the experiences and thoughts of contemporary Native American artists.

Listen to it here  

Being quick to jump on anything Chris Pappan-related, Kiva Gallery is of course very excited to read this long, in-depth interview with one of the most interesting figures in contemporary art. My Modern Met has the goods.

The Heard Museum Guild’s annual Indian Fair & Market took place for the 63rd time over the weekend. This year, however, it was forced to make some changes due to the pandemic. You can read about it here 

The news of the first Lakota cartoon character in a kid’s TV show is almost a month old but worth a mention in case you missed it:

Let’s round things off on a happy note. The laughs might not come too easy during these bleak days of quarantine, that’s why you may need some professional help to coax those mouth muscles upwards. That shouldn’t be a problem if you drop by The Vulture where you’ll find some of the funniest Native American comedians working today. 


Happy March!

Neoglyphix presents Wildstyle West

Coinciding with the Indian Fair and Market at Heard museum is another exhibition of Native art, this one with more of a street edge. Called ”Neoglyphix Wildstyle West” it features aerosol art by Rose Simpson, Douglas Miles, Dwayno Insano and Dytch 66, among others. I had to google the last two names and I’m glad I did, because both do some really impressive spraycan art. Below are some images I found. 

Dytch 66
Dytch 66



Dwayno Insano


Dwayno Insano


Neoglyphix Wildstyle West will open 2 March at Prime Cut  & Sew Barbershop and Boutique in Mesa, Arizona.

Heard Museum’s Indian Fair and Market

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Heard Museum´s Indian Fair and Market. For two days Heard Museum invites more than 600 Native American artists and artisans to show their work, making it the largest market of it’s kind in Arizona and second largest in the US. There will also be live performances, storytellings and craft-making events.  

This year the Best of Show Award has been raised to 10000 $. Some of the artists taking part in the market adorn our walls here at Kiva Gallery – for instance Randy Kemp, Ira Lujan, Terrence Guardipee, Nocona Burgess, Stella Teller, and Pat Pruitt. The Heard Fair is usually a good time so we are a little sad that we are unable to attend this year. But we’re sending the artists best wishes and a little extra hooray to those represented by Kiva Gallery!

Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market, March 2-3