KIVA GALLERY specializes in art and artworks from North America and particularly the Southwest of USA. This area is especially rich in traditions going back to the early Middle Ages for pottery and craftwork, – and in today’s art movement with roots in the old tradition but taking in the contemporary art scene, acrylic and oil paint, assemblage, grafitti. The recognition that art can express a cultural identity different from that in mainstream America, inspires many contemporary native American artists. Their work expresses vibrant vitality. Moreover, their work can be seen as a commentary to the ´Western’ (not only US) codex which tends to become culturally neutral.  KIVA GALLERY intends to show quality art from an interesting and colorful part of the world, – for its artistic value.  KIVA GALLERY also shows more genuine; traditional art forms, – such as the Hopi Indian Kachina (Hopi: Katsina) dolls, wooden ‘dolls’ (sculptures), personifications; images of Hopi supernaturals. These Katsina objects have important spiritual meaning in the Hopi world. The Katsina tradition is unique to the Pueblo Indian tribes of Arizona and New Mexico and does not appear among any other American Indians. Furthermore, the gallery shows pottery with ancient design elements, baskets, traditionally woven rugs and other items. These objects of art convey messages from a rich cultural heritage and history. Their expressions are surprisingly accessible to us, their colors and patterns speak to the unique quality of art in all its different manifestations, and really in fact convergent with our own cultural sensitivity. An amazing fact is that so much of this art has managed to survive the cultural oppression of the American melting pot. KIVA GALLERY seeks to expose both the traditional and the modern; contemporary. We believe the energy generated in this ‘cross-over’ may add another exciting, colorful and new element to the somewhat homogeneous art world of our time. This art form which is quite underrepresented on the European scene, covers a spectrum from the provocative to the idyllic. We also take an effort to meet with the artists, talk with them about their lives and work and how this is reflected in their art and in their ways of interpreting this complex world we’re all living in. We invite you to an odyssey in a different world and new experiences.


Mona Terenius

What is Kiva Gallery?

KIVA GALLERY specializes in art and artworks from North America and
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