Selected exhibitions

Beyond the Present  Group show featuring Shonto Begay, Ramson Lomatewama among others, 26 November  2005 – 6 January 2006.

On a Rugged Path Group show featuring Harrison Begay, Redwing T. Nez, W.B. Franklin, Richard Gorman, 21 February – 31 March 2006.

Douglas Miles – Rolling on Apache Skateboards Douglas Miles solo exhibition, May 20 – June 20, 2006.

From Another Reality  Sculptural works by Brian Caudillo, December 16 2006 – 21 January 2007.

An Indian Cowboy Painting and graphic works by Malcolm Furlow, 1 April – 15 May 2007.

American Icons Group show featuring Shonto Begay, Douglas Miles , Ryan Singer, 10 November 2007 – 10 January 2008. 

Rain Songs Group show featuring painting and prints by Douglas Miles, Shonto Begay, Michael Kabotie, Ramson Lomatewama, January-Fabruary 2008.

Taos Tales Paintings Graphic works by Land Eagle, April – September 2008.

REZ-istance Group show featuring Nocona Burgess, Douglas Miles, Charles M. Reece, 13 December 2008 – May 2009. 

Nostalgia?  Group show featuring Paintings and sculptures by  Malcolm Furlow, Jack Hill, Nocona Burgess, 5 dec 2009 – April 2010. 

From the Underworld Group show featuring paintings and sculptures by  Kevin Horace Quannie, Gregory Lomayesva, Kade L. Twist, May – September 2010.

Indian Spring Group show featuring Douglas Miles, Mateo Romero among others, 2011.

Concrete Jungle Group show with Nocona Burgess Douglas Miles and more, 2011.

Indian Winter Tales Group show featuring Sheldon Harvey, Shonto Begay and others, 2012

Once Upon a Time Group show, Hopi Kachinas originals. Boyce Koiyaquaptewa, Kevin H. Quannie among others,  2013.

Flashback – Looking Back Group show. Paintings by Nocona Burgess, Malcolm Furlow and others, 2014. 

Native Reflections Group show. Textiles, glass and painting by Melissa Cody, Patrick Dean Hubbell and Ira Luhan , 2015. 

Ledger art by Chris Pappan. Solo show, 2016. 

Diversity Group show. Works by Harrison Begay, Virgil Ortiz and others, 2017. 

Spiritual Group show. Wooden sculptures and paintings by Sheldon Harvey, Ryan Singer and others, 2018.

Romero Solo show. Paintings by Mateo Romero, 2019. 

Soulful Solo show. Art work by Mateo Romero, 2020.


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