Other Exhibitions

Stepping out of the Myths 2005 Kachinas, sculptures and more
Beyond the Present 2005 Shonto Begay, R. Lomatewama and more
More of Miles/Miles and More 2006 Douglas Miles, Malcolm Furlow,Mateo Romero, and more
Rain Songs 2008 Shonto Begay, Michael Kabotie, Douglas Miles, Ryan Singer and more
REZ-Art 2008 B. Caudillo-Twohawks, Land Eagle, Malcolm Furlow, Terrance Guardipee, Douglas Miles, Virgil Ortiz and more
From the Underworld 2010 Gregory Lomayesva, Kevin H Quannie and more
X-mas Installation 2010 Nocona Burgess, Chris Pappan, Ryan Singer and and more
Indian Spring 2011 Douglas Miles, Mateo Romero and more
Concrete Jungle 2011 Nocona Burgess, Douglas Miles and more
Indian Winter Tales 2012 Shonto Begay, Sheldon Harvey and others
Mateo Romero 2012 Mateo Romero paintings
NA Low Brow 2013 Amber Gunn Gauthier, Ryan Singer and more
Tradition in Transition. Navajo Weaving 2013 Melissa Cody, Ryan singer

Running now

Mateo Romero. Solo Exhibit. 2013 Mateo Romero

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