Kiva Gallery is the small gallery where everything else is big – big visions, big heart, and by now, a pretty big collection of Native American art. In 2005 we opened the doors to a small space on Övre Slottsgatan in Uppsala, Sweden, where we could show art from North America – and particularly the Southwest USA – that were made by people of native tribal heritage. We are proud to say that over the years we have collected and exhibited a large number of the most important contemporary Native American artists. 

Our approach is very hands-on and personal. The art has been selected on location and over the years friendships have formed with many of the artists we represent. We are incredibly grateful for the artists who have shared their artistic and sometimes personal journeys, as well as letting us into the places where they live and work.   
The overarching conceptual ambition of Kiva Gallery is to capture the energy of a culture in transition. Native art is very much tuned into the cultural present. At the same time, tradition and heritage are important factors that continue to influence contemporary creative practice. Therefore, Kiva Gallery is a place where skateboards and art inspired by comic books share space with traditional weaving and pottery. This being said, the role of Kiva is not to be anthropologists. We are here for the art first and foremost. That’s what we love and through Kiva Gallery we want to give others the chance to fall in love with it also. 


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